Once you have decided to join the scheme, you will begin the formal application process to set up a Climate Change Agreement (CCA). This involves the following steps:

  1. Provide your base year data (energy and production). The base year should be the continuous 12 month period from January to December 2008 unless there are valid reasons why it is not available (e.g. the site wasn’t in production, or was run by another operator.)
  2. Check the ‘70% rule’. You need to provide evidence that you comply with the 70% Rule - i.e. that the energy you use on the eligible processes alone accounts for more than 70% of the total supplied to each facility.
  3. Complete a ‘Facility Eligibility Form’ giving all essential details, including an annotated site plan. We’ll check your details and make a formal application for you based upon them.

Once you enter into a CCA, you need to keep records of energy and production. This will be required when you are reporting at the end of each target period and any subsequent audit. You are also responsible for checking your eligibility on the CCL scheme and reviewing documentation annually.

We invoice your registration fee once you have agreed to proceed with your application and your annual fee once you have been accepted onto the scheme.

There are 3 steps to completing your formal application.

You will need to choose the ‘base year’ which will be used to measure your targets against. It should be for the 12 months starting 1st January 2008, or the earliest 12 months period after that if there is a valid reason why 2008 data cannot be supplied (e.g. site was not in production, or was run by a different company.)

You must have auditable energy and production data for the year that you choose, including any renewable energy generation and keep this until 3 years past the end of the scheme (i.e. until 31st March 2026 if you stay in until the end of the scheme.)

We collect the same data as for your Quotation Request Form, except it must be for your chosen base year and be accurate, not estimated.

You can claim CCL discount on all of your site’s energy use, as long as 70% or more is used for eligible processes (see ‘About the scheme’ for a definition of ‘eligible processes’). 

The 70% rule makes CCL reporting far less complicated as it allows for 30% of energy use to be used for non - eligible processes (e.g. energy used by a farm house, office, canteen and many others) and avoids the need for separate metering of the non-eligible areas.

Once you have accepted our quotation and decided to proceed with your application we will send you our spreadsheet calculator that you can use to see if your site meets the 70% rule.

You will need to list the energy consuming equipment you use within the non-qualifying areas of your site, the type of energy they use, their energy rating and estimated running time over the course of a year. Our spreadsheet then calculates their total energy consumption and compares this to the total consumption for the whole site to work out the percentage split.

If your entire site doesn’t meet the 70% rule you will need to use sub-metering to measure all the energy used by a chosen portion of your site. That chosen portion of the site then becomes the “site” for CCA purposes: at least 70% of its energy must be eligible, and you claim CCL discount only on the total energy used in this portion of the site.

This form collects all the information necessary for your site to be accepted into the Climate Change Agreement scheme.

You need to include an annotated  site plan - showing the boundary of the site, energy source locations, meter locations, the areas containing eligible processes and ineligible processes – as well as details about the eligible processes, the directly associated activities, your ‘70% rule’ data and a process flow diagram.

We will send you a copy of a blank Facility Eligibility Form once you have accepted our quotation and decided to go ahead and join the NFU CCL Scheme. We will also send you:

  1. Detailed guidance notes.
  2. 70% rule spreadsheet template.
  3. Sample process flow maps.
  4. A sample annotated site plan.

Get a quote

In order to give an estimate of the value of the CCL discount to you and the costs and benefits of joining the scheme, you need to complete a Quotation Request Form. You provide details of your total site energy use for a 12 month period. At this stage a good estimate is sufficient. If you decide to apply to join the scheme, we will then ask you to provide accurate data. Please complete a separate form for each site you wish to enrol on the scheme.