CCL tax rates
Substantial increase due in 2019

Should I join

Under the Climate Change Levy (CCL) scheme, eligible businesses can receive a CCL discount in return for meeting energy efficiency or carbon-saving targets. The current discount is 90% for electricity and 65% for natural gas, LPG and for other qualifying fuels.

The first step is to decide if joining the scheme is cost effective for you. Sometimes the costs involved outweigh any savings – though if it’s close you may still decide to join if you want to demonstrate energy efficiency credentials to your customers or supply chain.

We help you decide by collecting simple information from you about how much energy you use and what processes you use it for. We do this using a simple 'Quotation Request Form’.

We then give you an estimate of the value of the CCL discount to you and the costs and benefits of joining the scheme, so you can then decide if it’s worth your while.

If, having read more about the scheme on this website, you think that the CCL scheme may work for you just download the Quotation Request Form on the right and request a quote.

What you need to include

  1. A breakdown of how much energy you use by fuel type (mains gas, electricity, non-transport fuel oils, LPG, coal, and other fuel).
  2. If renewable energy (electricity or heat) is generated and used on site during the 12 months, you record this separately on the form.
  3. An estimate of how much of each fuel type is used on the site by the eligible CCL processes (see ‘About the scheme’ for a definition of ‘eligible processes’).
  4. Details of the CCL production process carried out on the site.

Find out how much you can save

Simply enter your annual consumption and see how much you could save by joining the NFU CCL scheme.


Get a quote

In order to give an estimate of the value of the CCL discount to you and the costs and benefits of joining the scheme, you need to complete a Quotation Request Form. You provide details of your total site energy use for a 12 month period. At this stage a good estimate is sufficient. If you decide to apply to join the scheme, we will then ask you to provide accurate data. Please complete a separate form for each site you wish to enrol on the scheme.