CCL is a tax paid by all businesses on the fuels listed below.  Joining the NFU CCL Scheme may significantly reduce the amount of tax you need to pay.  We have created this quick and simple calculator so you can see how much you might save.

Step 1 Select the year you want to calculate your savings for.

You can change the year and update the calculations to see your savings for a different year at any point.


Step 2: Now enter the fuel types which are relevant to you.

Step 2: Now enter your annual consumption of the fuel types which are relevant to you.



Annual Consumption

Tax non-member pays

Tax CCL member pays

Review Your Potential Savings

Should I join?

If your total savings above are greater than £600 per year, it could well be worth joining. Find out more at ABOUT THE SCHEME which has all the details about eligibility and annual membership fees. You will need to take these into account when deciding whether it is viable for you to join the scheme.

If you think the NFU CCL scheme seems worth joining and you are ready to get started then carry on to HOW TO JOIN.

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